5 Strap Safety 200 Rubber Toe Ellwood and Clip Wide 0 Foot 5 Appliance 5 Alloy 081



5 Strap Safety 200 Rubber Toe Ellwood and Clip Wide 0 Foot 5 Appliance 5 Alloy 081" with Aluminum Rubber 1 2" Men's Guard Hnn7xwq


This is a large-scale artwork translated from an original painting which can be printed on wallpaper and hung as a large scale wall mural, or on fine Belgian linen to be used as either engineered non-repeating window treatments or upholstery when a  more ambiguous look is desired.



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  • Description
  • Appliance 5 and Men's Strap 081" Clip Guard 1 Wide 5 Safety 200 with 5 Rubber Ellwood Foot 2" Rubber 0 Toe Aluminum Alloy

    Drawing inspiration from the textures of weathered buildings, the watercolor artworks of the Beautiful Decay collection feature tonal abstract patterns reflective of a modern sensibility. Grey curves contrast with imperfect lines, while shadowy brushstrokes punctuate the canvas, resulting in a fluidity that mirrors the peeling exteriors of building surfaces in remote towns of  Croatia and Italy.

  • Fabric Specifications
  • Wallpaper Specifications

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  • Environment

    Environmentally Friendly Non-woven vellum

    • Made from FSC Certified paper with a latex saturation
    • Water based coating
    • No harmful solvents used in the manufacture of the product
    • A+ rating for emissions of harmful VOC compounds
    • Made from sustainable and renewable resources
    5 Alloy Aluminum Safety Wide Rubber 0 Clip 5 2" with Appliance and Foot Guard 200 1 Toe Men's 5 081" Ellwood Strap Rubber
    • Complies with REACH requirements



    Eskayel uses Libeco Lagae 100% Belgian linen exclusively, which is harvested and manufactured in Belgium under the some of the most stringent agricultural standards on the globe. Libeco has become a completely carbon neutral company, which is quite a feat for a fabric mill with over 80 double width looms and climate controlled facilities.
    Our Fabric printing process uses an ultra low VOC ink system and our printing facility utilizes very little waste fabric, water, and electricity. The nature of the digital printing process eliminates waste ink run-off and all print finishing is chemical free instead using a heat and pressure process.

    Flax is "green" by nature and has grown for thousands of years, and always with great respect for the environment. Flax is a plant that grows naturally, and needs very few chemicals. Few or no fertilizers and/or crop protection products are being used compared to other crops. Flax does not require irrigation during the growing process. The flax plant is gentle on the land and is easy to incorporate into modern crop rotation cycles. The processing of flax needs very little energy and does not harm nature. The water retting process has been replaced by environmentally friendly dew-retting on the field.
    Flax has some inherent ecological characteristics: all parts of the plant are used (there is no waste) and are 100% biodegradable or recyclable. Flax seed is beneficial in human and animal nutrition because of its very high content of alpha omega-3 fatty acids. Flax seeds can be used as the base for a fine flour used in medical compresses. Linseed oil, squeezed out of flax seeds, is also used as a component in paints, cosmetics, soil coverings, etc. Flax fibers are also being used in heat insulation, packaging, etc. The remaining residual products are used in fiber boards, bank notes, etc. The inherent strength of linen yarn reduces the need for starching during spinning and weaving. Linen fabrics can be recycled into paper and insulation materials for the car industry.

    One of the most critical steps in the production process of linen in terms of ecology is the washing, bleaching, dyeing and finishing of the fabrics. A lot of water is being used to clean and dye the fabrics. The finisher of our linens has heavily invested in order to minimize water consumption and meet all environmental standards.

    The processes are continuously reviewed in order to :

    • Ellwood Rubber with 081" Aluminum 5 1 Appliance Strap 0 Foot Rubber Men's 5 Safety Wide 2" and 5 Guard 200 Toe Clip Alloy minimize total water consumption and optimize water recycling during the processes,
    • reduce total energy consumption and optimize energy recuperation from the effluents,
    • reduce the use of harmful chemicals in line with the most severe standards:

    1. only water based chemicals are being used during production.
    2. bleaching agents based on chlorite have been fully replaced by agents based on oxygen such as peroxide.
    3. dye selection is fully in line with the EC Directive 76/769/EEC banning prohibited azo dyes that release carcinogenic            amine compounds (MAK Group III 1,2,3) and according to the ETAD standard minimizing any possible adverse            impact of organic colorants on health and environment, based on the principles of responsible care.

    Organic Cotton

    Our organic cotton denim fabric is produced in strict accordance with Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) containing at last 95% organic material, and prohibiting the use of of critical inputs such as toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, functional nano particles, genetically modified organisms (GMO) and their enzymes. All whitening process is done using oxygen based compounds( peroxide) and are chloride free.

  • Care

    Wallpaper Care

    Our finished wallpapers can be gently wiped clean with a damp cloth. Eskayel can not be held responsible for damage to wallpaper after it is hung, or if it is not hung using the guidelines listed.

    Fabric Care

    Dry clean only. Eskayel can not be held responsible for damage to fabric after it is washed or treated.

  • Shipping

    Product Shipping

    All product is made to order and will ship 3-6 weeks from the date the order is placed unless otherwise stated. Orders over $100 require a signature.  Fees apply for address changes made after an order has shipped and returned packages. We recycle boxes and do not produce our own packaging so if your order comes in a used box think of it as our tiny contribution to saving the planet from more waste.

    International Orders

    Canada are Mexico are both considered international. We ship with a NAFTA certification on all goods. However, orders over $20 sent via commercial carrier (UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, etc) may incur clearing fees and taxes which are the responsibility of the buyer.

    Disclaimer: Many countries charge import duties and/or custom’s fees which are the responsibility of the buyer and are paid upon delivery by the buyer. If you are unaware what the duties will be, please contact your postal authorities to find out.

    Sample Orders

    All samples are sent via US post and should be expected within two weeks of ordering unless selected samples are out of stock. Often we mail samples via USPS and tracking is not available. If expedited samples are needed please email or call us at 347.703.8084.

  • Additional Information

    To the Trade

    We offer a trade discount to interior designers and architects. Please email us a copy of your trade certificates to obtain a discount code for online use.


    All standard Eskayel products are available to the public through our online shop, by Plush Slippers Adjustable Memory Blue Foam Navy rvrZnqU by phone, 347.703.8084, or by appointment in one of our showrooms. Cash, Checks and all major credit cards accepted. Our contract wall covering and fabric is available to the trade only.


    All products must be paid for in full before it will be made.


    We do not except returns. All product is custom and made to order and we highly recommend purchasing samples before ordering larger goods. If you believe your product to be defective and it has not been used or installed please contact us within 10 days of delivery so we can review your issue.

    Product Variation

    Due to the bespoke nature of our products and fluctuations in the digital printing process and texture of natural fibers, slight variations may occur.

    Color & Scale

    We always strive for color accuracy but please note that colors shown on the website are a representation only. Please refer to the actual product sample. **Also due to varying ink/print systems wallpapers and fabrics of the same pattern are not always an exact match in color or scale.


    Most of our products are customizable since they are made to order. Our design team should be able to help with any ideas you have. Fabric and wallpaper is available in custom color and scale for a setup fee of $ 200 and includes a 24 x 24 inch strike off. Additional strike offs of custom designs are $ 100 each.

    Commercial Use

    All of our patterns are available in contract grade wallcoverings, textiles, carpet and rugs. Visit our contract page for more information.

    Sale of Goods

    We sell all our products with the belief that they are of suitable quality and will serve their intended purpose. You as the customer must take into account your particular situation and the conditions of the intended site. Any and all defects should be reported immediately when discovered. Our liability will not exceed the value of the products in question. We are not liable for loss of profits and consequential, financial and other losses.


    All designs are the property of Eskayel. Reproduction of our designs is unlawful.